General cleaning: Action Plan

Once windows proceed to the walls and ceiling. To do this, broom or brush wrap in slightly damp cloth, and easy to walk on the surface. Stick to two basic rules. Firstly, do not do it too hard, because our goal is not to wet the wallpaper on a wall or peel wallpaper polotke. Secondly, periodically rinsed cloth to avoid dust across flat (as is known, in a wet state, it will stick to surfaces much better).

Then proceed to the furniture. But do not just wipe the seats that are in the public domain, and methodically reach for the shelves all the books, photo frames, figurines, bottles of cosmetics, and process completely the entire surface of the furniture. It just seems that a book does not accumulate dust. Even as accumulated!

As for upholstered furniture, there is a need to be armed or to have wet vacuum or damp sponge. Often neglected cleaning upholstered furniture, and absolutely nothing: dust accumulates on the surface at least, it just is not visible (although in some, very advanced cases, a layer of dust on the sofas and armchairs very noticeable).

After processing, move all the upholstered furniture sofas and chairs that are easy to move, and well “treat” broom all the angles that are usually not available. At the same time think about that the next time will be able to perform such manipulation is not soon, so it must be done with maximum quality.

Proceed to wet cleaning, washing your floors with a special tool. Wet cleaning again replaced by dry, which has been held by a slightly damp cloth.

Usually, the biggest scope of work falls into the kitchen. Here you will need narrow hard brushes to clean the narrow gaps, good cleanser to clean tile and little patience for harvesting in all drawers.

Should complete the cleaning in the bathroom and toilet. The fact that these facilities are operated actively during cleaning of the room and the kitchen, so keep them clean throughout the cleaning will not work. Better start cleaning sink, toilet and bath last.

But before that release all shelves, drawers open and hooks to thoroughly wash the walls in the bathroom. Then proceed to the plumbing, cleaning metal fittings from limescale. Do not neglect a brush for cleaning the toilet, as all kinds of cleaning products, tablets, flavors, even in aggregate still will not give perfect results.

Immersed in cleaning, do not forget about yourself. It is desirable in rubber gloves perform all manipulations associated with water. And to those who are associated with cleaning and detergents, generally without gloves do not proceed.

Protect skin by using a nourishing cream that immediately after harvest must be removed along with the settled dust.

When you are finished spring cleaning, do not forget to put in order and themselves. Take a relaxing bath, wash up and clean the skin well. Here it is, the inner and outer harmony!